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Tall claims and new
eras don't go together.

Precisely why we won't simply tell you that we are the best. We'll tell you the truth instead. Competition won't be our focus, efficiency will. Marketing won't rule our funds allocation, technology will. High fees won't bring us revenues, increased users will.


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CryptX Exchange


We are not doing anything outside the box. We are fixing things inside the box.

Time heals and Eras fix. With the dawn of CryptX, we bring to you a Band-Aid for the bruises of incompetent security, disoriented efficiency and unauthentic content, which dominate the current cryptocurrency exchanges. Armed with a no-excuse approach, the CryptX Team holds all ambitions, to first finish the task at hand. The task being - Creation of an exchange that can endure time, employ technology and economize trade for optimization of security and profit.

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    Away from the Internet. As safe as can be.
    Keeping a cryptocurrency reserve offline is one of the most necessary precaution against security threats. Cold Storage rescues exchanges from the risk of keeping all funds online. CryptX proposes to store 90% of the total cryptocurrencies in Cold Storage, away from threats. The CryptX server will hold only 10% of the total to ensure smooth withdrawals for all users.

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    We’re a bit elitist. Not one bit sorry.
    We need to see whether you are as serious about your cryptocurrency as we are about our exchange. Our welcomes are quite warm, but only for those cryptocurrencies that meet the CryptX Benchmark. Few question marks that you’d have to answer - “How innovatively have you utilized the blockchain? How do you impact your user base? How big is the user base?”

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    More the Merrier. Wallets getting heavier.
    We can be as successful as we WANT to. That’s a secret everyone at CryptX knows. Expansion is always a priority and we want our users to grow with us. Our Affiliate Program initiates users into a continuous cycle of making profits. For every new joinee that a user brings to CryptX, he/she is entitled to 10% of the trading fees of every transaction that the joinee makes.


Here’s what to expect from the Alpha.

Token Integration

This Alpha comes with its own crypto-cannon.
The Alpha Version of CryptX will be integrated with the platform’s very own token. Essentially a utility token, CryptX’s currency will prove to be an efficient element in facilitating easy functioning on CryptX. These tokens will be the keys to unlock access to all of CryptX’s services.

KYC + AML Registration

This Alpha seeks authentic proofs.
The Alpha Version of CryptX takes its first step towards responsible decentralization by integrating KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) during registration. Every CryptX user will undergo strict verification before getting access to the secure portal.

ICO Incubation

This Alpha welcomes the willing in its pack.
The Alpha Version of CryptX will accommodate ICO incubation as a major part of its venture. The provision will incorporate every service necessary to kick-start the deserving upcoming ICOs. CryptX’s extensive expertise and experience in the market, assures professional support.

Advanced Trading Tools

This Alpha does more to be more.
The only way is forward as we advance towards a new era. Peer-to-Peer transactions on the exchange is only a baby-step towards the decentralized era. CryptX is on a constant look out for strategies and technologies to make the exchange more trade-worthy and user-friendly.

Peer To Peer Transactions

This Alpha is direct, independent and quick.
Initiating peer to peer transactions on the exchange, CryptX eliminates the need for banks to get involved in user transactions. As soon as a sell order is placed, the respective amount of cryptocurrency would go in the custody of the exchange. Potential buyers would be informed of the payable amount and mode of payment. On confirmation of the receipt of payment from a buyer, the held cryptocurrencies would be released and sent to the buyer’s wallet.

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