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Nobilitas & The Italian Legends
Listing on March 2022

Nobilitas is cryptocurrency that has $2,000 million worth of arts of the famous Italian legends like Da Vinci, Michael Angelo etc. We have listed the 80 most famous italian artists of all times from 1300 till 2000 and between them we have secured to make NFTs, and this will be listed on CryptX’s NFT place for selling.

Real Estate Market Place

NFT’s are still at its dawn and cryptX is going to take it to the next level. We are bringing the real estate industry to the NFT world and aims to start a new revolution. CryptX has entered contract with many companies around the world to disrupt the whole industry.

About Image
About Image

The ‘X’ factor from CryptX
Launching on March 2022

We love disruption and we are all about disrupting the tradition using technology to make lives easier for both companies and individuals. Whenever we quote our CryptX’s Green X, it means that there is a revolutionary concept being cooked in our R&D Labs. This time it is aimed for the businesses around the world. This X factor is indeed disruptive and smart enough to disrupt a tradition. We are launching it in March.

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We are not doing anything outside the box. We are fixing things inside the box.